What is a sonic facial brush?

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What is a Sonic Facial Brush?

Literally, it is an evolutional facial brush equipped with motor inside the device to generate sonic pulsations. There are two types of electronical brushes in the market we can easily find, one is more traditional with bristled brush head, another is made of silicone with tiny little cleansing nubs on the brush surface. Both helps people make a more efficient facial cleansing than hands wash does. And the newer silicone facial brush is considered healthier than the traditional bristled brush, since the hygienic silicone brush head resists bacteria buildup. In brief, remove your makeup, wash away dirt, and exfoliate dead skin cells are the tasks of an electrical facial brush simply does. The purpose of using a facial brush is to get a smooth, clearer, and radiant skin.

Importance of facial cleansing

Clean-up or face cleansing is extremely important to maintain a healthy and glowing complexion. Without thorough cleansing, skin problems like dryness, blackheads, pimples, or a dull skin are usually found. A regular clean-up will help in getting rid of dead skin cells, debris, dirt, and excess oil and sweat. Moreover, it will keep the skin hydrated for a long time. If your skin is going to be exposed to sunlight, pollution and dirt, it is highly recommended that you opt for a face clean-up once or twice everyday using a sonic face cleansing brush.

Benefits of cleansing face using a sonic facial brush, compare to hand wash

Do you really need a sonic facial cleansing brush? Sure! A little cleanser and your fingers probably get your skin looks clean. But the extra power and the ability of a sonic facial cleansing brush to repeat the wash motion hundreds of times a minute causes more dirt and makeup to be pulled out from being deeply embedded in the skin. It can also help your facial skin get more even pressure and this process can exfoliate exceedingly well without leaving the skin red from irritation. Just like you don’t need a facial weekly, you probably don’t need to use a cleansing brush daily. But that doesn’t mean it’s not effective. Regular exfoliation removes dead skin cells, which give your skin a dull look and helps your body produce new, younger-looking skin cells. Plus, the makers of cleansing brushes promise they will unclog your pores, improving the look of black heads and preventing pimples.

Using a sonic face cleansing brush is very effective especially for those who suffer from sensitive skin or who are prone to breakouts. Because of the even pressure applied all over the face, the skin will be left feeling considerably smoother than if you had merely hand washed it, giving you a clearer and brighter look. The result will be a more even skin tone, which means you will be able to wear less makeup overall. With a deeper and more thorough cleaning, the pores won’t be as clogged up. And as the contaminants are cleared from deep inside the pores, they will appear to shrink in size. And for those who suffer from skin conditions, such as rosacea and adult acne, many have reported less redness when they use the facial cleansing brush. This is because such brushes use sonic technology, which is so gentle on the skin that they won’t damage it. And its deep penetrating results mean that your cleanser will get down into areas of the skin that the hands cannot reach.

You accomplish several things when you use a sonic silicone facial brush. First, you get a deeper cleansing of your pores, leaving you with less need for extractions than you normally would. Your skin’s pores will expand depending on how much dust, debris, and oil have collected in them. Therefore, it stands to reason that as all these contaminants are removed, the pores will begin to appear smaller in size. Sonic face brushes also help you to get a thorough exfoliation so that over time, your pores will be completely clean leaving you with skin that looks smoother, cleaner, and fresher. When the pores are clean, you’re also removing dead skin cells, which collect in and around them leaving the clogged and causing blackheads and acne. The type of deep cleansing you can get with a sonic face brush also provides less stress on the skin, which makes it easier for the skin to renew itself, giving you a more youthful look. By removing the dead skin cells, the face will look smoother and healthier over time. This will automatically reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, keeping the coloring more even and natural.

How to use sonic facial brush?

Start by understanding your brush and what it is supposed to do. There are different types of facial cleansing brushes and they are not all alike,so choose the one that will work for you. There is no need to spend hundreds of dollars on them. Make sure you use one with soft brush head that have round tips at the ends to prevent damaging the skin’s basic structure.

Before you begin your cleanse, rinse the brush thoroughly with clean water and wet the face as well. While the face is wet, apply a little of your cleanser onto the wet skin, turn on the brush and gently move it over the entire face in small circular movements starting with the cheeks, moving onto the nose, the chin, and finally, the forehead.

You don’t want to rush the process, so use the brush on a single area of skin for a few seconds to ensure the dust and debris are removed. When you’ve finished, rinse your face once again with lots of water and pat to dry. Finally, do not lend or borrow a facial cleansing brush as this will introduce new contaminants into your skin. Keep it clean and store in a dry place when not in use to avoid getting it contaminated between uses.

Rhafine Sonic Facial Brush is a fine choice

Rhafine R1101 is different because it’s made of silicone with tiny little cleansing nubs on the brush surface. It also features the slimmest 0.5 mm silicone touch points for fitting different skin types or areas of the face. It is extremely soft and smooth, and is suitable for every skin type, especially sensitive skin. The power generated by 8000 pulsations per minute can easily clean up the dirt, makeup, dead skin cells in the skin. It has also a unique design of combining plastic and silicone together for a better figure and touch feel. The IPX7 waterproof design enables it to be used in either a bath or a shower. And you just need to wash it with water after use. The lanyard design is another bonus you will find when storing the sonic facial cleansing brush, hang it wherever convenient for you after use. To conclude, if you are going to put a small invest on a daily use skin care device, then Rhafine’s EGO sonic facial cleansing brush is a fine choice for you to start with. It is not a few hundred dollars like Foreo’s Luna anyway.

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