How is the quality of your skin care devices?2019-11-19T06:28:19+00:00

Good and reliable quality is backed by 10 years manufacturing and quality control experience in electronic products.

What is your warranty term?2019-11-19T06:42:05+00:00

We offer 12 months warranty.

How do you ship my orders?2019-11-19T06:41:29+00:00

Express: UPS, DHL; Air Freight; Sea Freight.

What is your delivery time?2019-11-19T06:40:57+00:00

3-7 days for sample order.
15-30 days for regular order.

What is your MOQ?2019-11-19T06:40:10+00:00

No MOQ for neutral or Rhafine brand.
1000pcs/model for customized logo printing or packaging.

Can I get any discounted prices for your skin care devices?2019-11-19T06:36:08+00:00

Yes, discount offer is available for specific orders. Please send us your enquiry and let’s discuss in detail.

What is your price term?2019-11-19T06:34:31+00:00

Our price term is FOB Shenzhen. Other price terms can be negotiated based on specific orders.

How do you work on a customized skin care device project?2020-05-08T11:43:36+00:00

a) To modify or remake based on a current product model.
b) To design and build a totally new device based on your idea or specific demand of the device you want.

Do you accept OEM or ODM skin care device projects?2019-11-19T06:30:13+00:00

Yes, we welcome OEM and ODM projects. We are capable and love to create and build a product from scratch with you together.

What tests have your skin care devices gone through?2019-11-19T06:29:08+00:00

We have strict quality inspection system interior our company. All products are designed and manufactured in accordance to related standard and regulations.

Are you manufacturer of home use skin care devices?2019-11-19T07:28:08+00:00
What differs your skin care devices from others’?2019-11-19T06:27:27+00:00

Design: we have an independent designer team who won design awards on many of their works. Our skin care devices are designed to be unique.

Do you have any new skin care devices other than the listed ones?2019-11-19T05:37:34+00:00

We have new products expanding in the above categories continuously.

What kind of home use skin care devices do you manufacture?2019-11-19T07:32:35+00:00
Can you name some of your customers for our reference?2019-11-19T05:34:28+00:00

We are afraid of not. We treasure privacy of our customers, as well as your privacy. We have NDA with most of our customers.

Where do you sell your skin care devices to?2019-11-19T05:33:27+00:00

Our major customers of home use skin care devices are from Europe and North America.

How long have you been in manufacturing home use skin care devices?2019-11-19T05:32:21+00:00

We have been in manufacturing consumer electronics for over 10 years.

How many skin care devices can you manufacture per month?2019-11-19T05:31:45+00:00

We have a production capability of 280,000 pcs per month.

How many production lines do you have?2019-11-19T07:26:45+00:00

We have 4 production lines.
We have 1 mold and tooling center.
We have 12 plastic injection machines.

How many employees do you have in your factory?2019-11-19T06:43:48+00:00

We have 112 staffs totally: 4 ID designers, 6 engineers, 10 QC, 80 workers.

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