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R1112-Multifunctional-RF-Beauty-Device-Pro-800x600_01 R1112-Multifunctional-RF-Beauty-Device-Pro-800x600_01
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R1112-Multifunctional-RF-Beauty-Device-Pro-800x600_09 R1112-Multifunctional-RF-Beauty-Device-Pro-800x600_09

Model: R1112

Multifunctional Radio Frequency Beauty Device Pro

A 6 in 1 professional salon-grade radio frequency beauty device with multiple skincare funtions. A device that integrates radio frequency, ice-compress, EMS, red and blue light, sonic vibration, and Ion leading-in treatments. Aiming to reduce wrinkles, stimulate the production of collagen, eliminate skin aging effects, and bring you a toned and youthful looking skin.

  • 6 modes skincare routine: cleansing, leading-in, eye care, EMS lifting, radio frequency&LED, Ice compress(cool).

  • 6 technologies: RF, EMS, Vibration, Red & Blue Light therapy, Ion, Ice-compress.

  • Rejuvenate skin.

  • Improve skin complexion.

  • Salon grade professional skincare experience at home.

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  • Model: R1112
  • Colour: White
  • Rated Power: Max. 10W
  • Battery: 7.4V 500mAh Li-polymer
  • Runtime: Max. 50 minutes
  • Charge rate: DC 9V / 1A
  • Charge time: 2-3H
  • Material: Body – ABS; Probe – metal
  • Water Proof: IPX7
  • Warning tone: Buzzer
  • LED light: 8 beads; Red light — 650nm; Blue light — 465nm
  • Dimension: Device – 178*42*83.5 mm; Box – 230*215*100 mm
  • Weight: Device 199g; With package 1100g

How Multifunctional Radio Frequency Beauty Device Pro works?

  • The device combines several major skincare technologies in one unit to ease your daily skincare routine. Thanks for its salon grade professional performance, the device will bring you instant results after the treatment.
  • Technologies adopted in the device includes Radio Frequency, EMS microcurrent, Sonic Vibration, Red&Blue Light Therapy, Ion Cleansing&Leading-in, and Ice-compress.
    • Radio Frequency uses radio waves to increase the temperature in your subdermal layer of skin. By doing so, your skin will be enriched with more collagen and become more elastic.
    • EMS microcurrent delivers a low-level microcurrent and works with natural muscle tone to deliver micro-contractions that provide an instant lift.
    • Sonic vibration massages gently on the skin to revitalize and relax dull skin.
    • Light therapy:
      • 650nm red light uses red low-level wavelengths of light to treat skin issues, such as wrinkles, scars, and persistent wounds, among other conditions.
      • 465nm blue light exposes the skin to a low level and low-intensity source of blue light which destroys acne-causing bacteria to help control breakouts and smoothes the appearance of your skin’s texture.
    • Ion cleansing and leading-in helps deep cleansing the skin and better absorpting nutrients from skincare products.
    • Ice-compress cools down the skin to minimize pores and soothe inflammation for clear, radiant skin.
  • Mode 1: Cleansing
    • Aim: deep cleasning
    • Technologies: radio frequency, positive ion, sonic vibration
  • Mode 2: Import
    • Aim: Leading-in for better nutrition absorption
    • Technologies: radio frequency, negative ion, sonic vibration
  • Mode 3: Eye Care
    • Aim: treatment on sensitive skin around eye area
    • Technology: Ion
  • Mode 4: EMS Up
    • Aim: Lifting and firming
    • Technologies: radio frequency, ems(microcurrent)
  • Mode 5: RF LED
    • Aim: skin tightening
    • Technologies: radio frequency, red light
  • Mode 6: Cool
    • Aim: anti-acne, pore shrinking, smooth skin
    • Technologies: Ice-compress, blue light

How to use Multifunctional Radio Frequency Beauty Device Pro?

  • The device automatically switches among the 6 modes. Switch it on and enjoy.
  • Mode 1: Cleansing
    • Apply facial cleansing oil, etc
    • Install a piece of cotton pad
    • 5 intensities to choose
    • 3 minutes
    • Use every 2-3 days
  • Mode 2: Import (Leading-in)
    • Apply Moisturizer, lotion, or face mask, etc on face
    • Install a piece of cotton pad
    • 5 intensities to choose
    • 3 minutes
    • Use every 2-3 days
  • Mode 3: Eye Care
    • Apply eye cream
    • Fixed intensity
    • 2 minutes
    • Use every 2-3 days
  • Mode 4: EMS Up
    • Apply Gel, etc.
    • Cotton pad optional
    • 5 intensities to choose
    • 2 minutes
    • Use every 2-3 days
  • Mode 5: RF LED
    • Apply lotion, cream, gel, etc.
    • 5 intensities to choose
    • 3 minutes
    • Use every 2-3 days
  • Mode 6: Cool
    • Fixed intensity
    • 3 minutes
    • May use everyday

Benefits of using Multifunctional Radio Frequency Beauty Device Pro

  • The device combines 6 technologies together to deliver all benefits you may have from each of the skincare technology.

Notes for using Multifunctional Radio Frequency Beauty Device Pro

  • For adult use only, keep away from children.
  • Do not disassemble.
  • Do not use if you are pregnant.
  • Do not use if you have heart disease, blood disease, cancer, etc.
  • Do not use on wounded skin.
  • Do not have treatment on same area for too long.
  • Stop using if you feel uncomfortable and consult your dermatologist.