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R1121-Electric-Pulse-Facial-Toning-Device-800x600_01 R1121-Electric-Pulse-Facial-Toning-Device-800x600_01
R1121-Electric-Pulse-Facial-Toning-Device-800x600_02 R1121-Electric-Pulse-Facial-Toning-Device-800x600_02
R1121-Electric-Pulse-Facial-Toning-Device-800x600_04 R1121-Electric-Pulse-Facial-Toning-Device-800x600_04
R1121-Electric-Pulse-Facial-Toning-Device-800x600_03 R1121-Electric-Pulse-Facial-Toning-Device-800x600_03
R1121-Electric-Pulse-Facial-Toning-Device-800x600_06 R1121-Electric-Pulse-Facial-Toning-Device-800x600_06
R1121-Electric-Pulse-Facial-Toning-Device-800x600_07 R1121-Electric-Pulse-Facial-Toning-Device-800x600_07
R1121-Electric-Pulse-Facial-Toning-Device-800x600_08 R1121-Electric-Pulse-Facial-Toning-Device-800x600_08
R1121-Electric-Pulse-Facial-Toning-Device-800x600_09 R1121-Electric-Pulse-Facial-Toning-Device-800x600_09
R1121-Electric-Pulse-Facial-Toning-Device-800x600_05 R1121-Electric-Pulse-Facial-Toning-Device-800x600_05

Model: R1121

Electric Pulse Facial Toning Device

Rhafine Electric Pulse Facial Toning Device creatively integrates 5 effective skincare technologies into a stylish handheld device to deliver real skincare results. It uses different combinations for multiple skincare purposes. Enables you to enjoy a professional spa facial treatment at home with ease.

  • 4 skin care modes: Importing, Lifting, Anti-aging, Eye-care

  • 5 technologies: Electric pulse, EMS, Radio Frequency, LED Light, Vibration.

  • Enhance nutrition absorption for better skin nourishing.

  • Help toning facial muscles, smooth wrinkles.

  • Bring a more glowing complexion.

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  • Model: R1121
  • Color: Light Blue / Blue / Customized
  • Rated Power: 6.5W max.
  • Battery: 3.7V / 1000mAh, Li-polymer
  • Runtime: Max. 50 minutes
  • Charge rate: DC 5V / 1A
  • Charge time: 3-4 hours
  • Material: Body – Plastic; Electrode head – chrome plating
  • Vibration: 7300 RPM
  • Beeper: Buzzer
  • LED light: 9 beads
    • Red light — 650nm
    • Yellow light — 595nm
    • Green light — 525nm
  • Dimension: Device – 220*37*37 mm (without base); Box – 248*155*90 mm
  • Weight: Device – 150g (without base); With package – 505g
  • Package includes: Device, Stand Base, Cable, User Manual