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Model: R1121

Electric Pulse Facial Toning Device

Rhafine Electric Pulse Facial Toning Device creatively integrates 5 effective skincare technologies into a stylish handheld device to deliver real skincare results. It uses different combinations for multiple skincare purposes. Enables you to enjoy a professional spa facial treatment at home with ease.

  • 4 skin care modes: Importing, Lifting, Anti-aging, Eye-care

  • 5 technologies: Electric pulse, EMS, Radio Frequency, LED Light, Vibration.

  • Enhance nutrition absorption for better skin nourishing.

  • Help toning facial muscles, smooth wrinkles.

  • Bring a more glowing complexion.


  • Model: R1121
  • Color: Light Blue / Blue / Customized
  • Rated Power: 6.5W max.
  • Battery: 3.7V / 1000mAh, Li-polymer
  • Runtime: Max. 50 minutes
  • Charge rate: DC 5V / 1A
  • Charge time: 3-4 hours
  • Material: Body – Plastic; Electrode head – chrome plating
  • Vibration: 7300 RPM
  • Beeper: Buzzer
  • LED light: 9 beads
    • Red light — 650nm
    • Yellow light — 595nm
    • Green light — 525nm
  • Dimension: Device – 220*37*37 mm (without base); Box – 248*155*90 mm
  • Weight: Device – 150g (without base); With package – 505g
  • Package includes: Device, Stand Base, Cable, User Manual

What is Electric Pulse Facial Toning Device?

An Electric Pulse Facial Toning Device is a beauty device designed specifically for at-home skincare use. It can be used by people of all ages and skin types because it has no side effects. It can be used for facial exercises, removing wrinkles, or improving skin quality.

How does Electric Pulse Facial Toning Device work?

It uses multiple skincare technologies to maintain a youthful appearance for you, namely, Electric pulse, EMS, Radio Frequency, LED Light, and Vibration. It combines these technologies into 4 skincare modes in a compact device.

The below 4 modes cover most of our at-home skincare routines.

1. Importing

Literally, it helps our skin better absorb nutrition from the skincare products applied on our skin.

How? It uses Electric Pulse and Yellow light together to fulfill this.

Electric pulse is kind of electric stimulation on the skin by using pulsed electric current. It helps deliver the large molecules of skincare products from lotion, cream, or essence into skin cells more effectively.

Yellow light is believed very useful for smoothening and lightening skin appearance. It acts actively on the skin while being used together with pulsed electric.

2. Lifting

By using EMS and green light, it provides an instant lift.

EMS is known as Electric Muscle Stimulation. It delivers a low level electric current to facial muscles. This slight electrical current interacts with facial tissues to strengthen our facial muscles and improve our facial contour.

Green light works in the meantime to boost the effect. It does good to dark circles, pigmentation, and sunspots. It also helps to make over-stimulated skin cool down.

So it will bring us a more youthful appearance ultimately.

3. Anti-aging

It utilizes the power of RF, Red Light, and Vibration in this mode for a maximum anti-aging effect.

RF(Radio Frequency) can tighten our skin. It uses radio frequency energy to heat up skin tissues to produce more collagen. The collagen reproduction will make the wrinkles and fine lines disappear.

Red Light can travel through deep into skin layers to accelerate the reproduction of skin cells. And eventually it helps improve our complexion.

4. Eye care

RF(Radio Frequency) and vibration work together to refresh the contours of our skin around eyes.

Radio frequency delivers energy to heat skin tissues, while the vibration can massage to relax the skin.

It relieves dark circles and puffiness and enhances eye cream absorption.

How to use Electric Pulse Facial Toning Device?

Press MODE(POWER) button to switch on.

The 4 modes will work in turn.

Importing: 5 minutes

Lifting: 5 minutes

Anti-aging: 5 minutes

Eye care: 2 minutes

There is 30 seconds stand-by time in-between each mode.

Choose right intensity that you feel most comfortable.

Apply skincare products if needed before treatment, massage the skin with the probe.

Benefits of using Electric Pulse Facial Toning Device

Enhance nutrition absorption

Tighten the skin

Remove wrinkles

Improve complexion

Bring you a sharp and bright skin

Improve the face contour

Notes for using Electric Pulse Facial Toning Device

Charge before use.

Follow the instruction.

Clean and dry the device after each use.

Do not wash the device in water directly.

Do not disassemble.

Stop using when feeling uncomfortable and consult your dermatologist.