R1118-Cold-Compress-RF-Skin-Rejuvenation-Device-800x600_01 R1118-Cold-Compress-RF-Skin-Rejuvenation-Device-800x600_01

Model: R1118

Cold Compress RF Skin Rejuvenation Device

A multi-functional skin rejuvenation device using radio frequency, EMS, Red and Blue light technologies to help you enhance your at-home skincare experience. Aiming to bring you with a firmer, tighter, and more radiant skin.

  • 4 Modes: EMS / RF / HF / Cool.

  • 4 Combined Technologies.

  • 1MHz High Power Radio Frequency for efficient skin tightening.

  • EMS electric muscle stimulation for face firming and lifting.

  • Red + Blue + Purple LED Light Therapy for enhancing treatment result.

  • 7℃ Cold Compress for tightening pores and maintaining moisture.


  • Model: R1118
  • Color: Pink and Customized
  • Rated Power: 8W
  • Rated Current: 2A
  • Battery Capacity: 1000mAh
  • Charge rate: 5V/500mA
  • Charge time: 2.5H
  • Runtime: 30 minutes
  • Material: PC+ABS
  • Radio Frequency: 1MHz
  • Cool Compress Temperature: 7℃
  • Dimension: Device 169 x 40 x 31mm, Box 250 x 105 x 46mm
  • Weight: Net weight 165g, With package 425g
  • Package includes: Device, Cable, User Manual

How Does Cold Compress RF Skin Rejuvenation Device work?

  • Radio frequency energy heats up skin tissues, encourages collagen and elastin production and cell turnover. The RF treatment will result in firmer, thicker skin and a more youthful appearance.
  • EMS microcurrent pulses and stimulates the facial muscles, to improve facial contour provide an instant face lifting result.
  • Red, blue, and purple lights work together with RF and EMS to enhance the treatment result.
  • Cold compress uses 7℃ cooling effects to tighten pores and maintain moisture.

How to use Cold Compress RF Skin Rejuvenation Device?


    • Press and hold power button for 1 second to switch on.
    • Click power button to change modes.
    • Use intensity button to change intensities.

4 Modes:

    • EMS Mode: EMS+Blue Light. 3 adjustable intensities.
    • RF Mode: RF+Red Light. 3 adjustable intensities.
    • HF Mode: RF+EMS+Purple Light(Red+Blue). 3 adjustable intensities.
    • Cool Mode: Cold compress+Blue light. Fixed intensity.


    • Cleanse and dry the face.
    • Apply favorite skincare products on target skin area.
    • Start with one of desired mode with a comfortable intensity.
    • Keep the probe head close and tight on the skin and move in certain directions to nurse the skin.
    • Do not keep the probe in the same area for too long to avoid skin burn. The beeper will beep every 15 seconds to remind you keep moving.
    • Cleanse the probe head after each use and keep it dry.

Benefits of using Cold Compress RF Skin Rejuvenation Device

  •     Non invasive and quick result
  •     Long-term anti-ageing solution
  •     Improve skin texture
  •     Lift facial contours
  •     Boost collagen production
  •     Strengthen deep skin layers
  •     Reduce fine lines and wrinkles

Notes for using Cold Compress RF Skin Rejuvenation Device

  •     For adult use only, keep away from children.
  •     Do not disassemble.
  •     Don’t use if you are pregnant.
  •     If you have heart disease, blood disease, cancer, etc., do not use.
  •     Never use on wounded skin.
  •     Remember not treat on same area for too long.
  •     Stop using if you feel uncomfortable and consult your dermatologist.

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